3 Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Quick & Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas here we go! If you like this video of 3 quick & easy hacks and want more videos along these lines, make sure to like, share, so I see your votes! Leave a…


  1. Yum, never really thought of mixing yogurt with jam. Cleaver idea and that fruit looks so good to dip in. Something I'll have to try with my son. Delish. Thanks

  2. i dont know why but i just realized you could add jam to plain yogurt. it's the simplest thing but i never done it before this year..

  3. Love this! Lunches and dinners please!

  4. omg that plate you used with the yogurt dipping sauce is so prettyyyy! where did you get it if you don't mind me asking?

  5. made your vegan peppermint patties for valentine's day!

  6. This is great! Another variation on the first dish would be to blend silken tofu with the jam! I would imagine it would be lower sugar/fat and higher protein. ☺️

  7. Do you have 3 vegan flavored popcorn hacks? Love to see those! Thanks!

  8. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Yummy yummy

  9. Małgorzata Bukowczyk

    Can you tell me, what do you feed your dog with? Normally they eat some meat, but you are vegan so…are your dog vegan too? I've always been curious 🙂

  10. quick and easy lunches! 🙂

  11. I want to see you do more quick & easy vegan lunches.

  12. Kiri Celebkiriedhel

    3 easy no cook lunches would be grand!

  13. It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken your dog is really pretty

  14. Quick, easy lunches. Especially some for on the go!

  15. It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken

    Do you want me to do 3 more quick & easy vegan hacks? Let me know what to do next here. Thanks for watching 🙂

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