3 No-Cook Vegan Asian Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate, here are 3 healthy & delicious Asian meals that don’t require cooking! Great as a work lunch & for students. =) ♥ Be …


  1. Tofu my favorite…

  2. How do you prepare your bonito flakes?

  3. Good idea… Good taste. Thanks.

  4. Wrinklyanimegod1988

    I never knew Malaysians celebrated Chinese New Year! You learn something new every day I guess haha

  5. I used to love watching your videos years ago, and learned a lot of what I know about nutrition from you. I went vegan about 7 months ago and I rediscovered your channel yesterday because a video of yours was recommended to me as you covered a topic I was looking into, and I was thrilled to find out you have some vegan videos too! I'm definitely going to try these and would love to see more. Your videos are very informative; thanks for sharing!

  6. Dude one of the worst English accents…this is Singaporean or Malaysian right?

  7. I like yr creativity.So refreshing.A Malaysian trying to eat healthier.Thanks a lot, Joanna

  8. kirsty ploenges

    Love the salad recipe. Went and made it straight away to sit overnight for lunch "tomorrow" and ended up eating half after making it lol. It is so yummy.
    Thanks for thinking of us vegans

  9. Omg marry me! 😉

  10. I tried the glass noodle salad and it is a great, easy and super fast lunch to take to work! It is reaaallly good. I love your videos. Thank you!

  11. Cold glass noodles is a must try for me .. Subscribe ASAP

  12. Omg I wish I could marry you. !!! Your food is awesome!!

  13. Best to say 'If you're not vegetarian' because bonito is fish isn't it?

  14. Are you vegetarian?

  15. That spring roll was a raw pastry sheet…

  16. Great !

  17. I have this thing where I hate cold food or room temperature so when I eat salad like meals, I always heat them up with a tiny pit of oil, do you think the first meal would turn out okay warmed up? The veggies I mean, thanks!

  18. I can use cucumber for breakfast

  19. No cook?: So how are we supposed to get this boiling hot water for the noodles? And, aren't we still "cooking" the noodles with the boiling water?

  20. Subscribed! 🙂 Looking forward to learn new recipes from you.

  21. Wild Cats Life

    I try tomorrow tofu thnx

  22. What glass noodles are made up of?

  23. thank you so much for making vegan recipes! please do more of them ❤️

  24. You looks great with dresses

  25. Cristina's California life

    I'm not vegan but I'm eligec to peanuts and most have peanuts

  26. Mahruaii Ralte

    forget about the food and diet,, i just love you so much.. hahhaa

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