3 No Cook Lunch Recipes | Easy Bean Salads

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  1. I love Edamame! I also love No Cook recipes in the summer!

  2. I love your channel, you are making my life so much easy; Been a pesceterian is so helpful so many of your recipes !

  3. These are perfect, I love beans – and now I'm terribly hungry T_T

    Definitely going grocery shopping tomorrow

  4. Elena Togliatti

    How many servings are there for each recipe?

  5. Look delicious , I can’t eat nothing that is citrus since I have stomach issues but can you substitute the ingredients

  6. Awesome, beautiful, Incredible!

  7. Hmmm so yummy looking! Love salads!

  8. I’m so pumped up about the mango one! But I plan on trying them all. Thanks so much, all your recipes are amazing, my family loves them!

  9. I love how you can make three different recipes in 6 minutes. They each look amazing. I can’t wait to try them all. Yay Summer is this week. Thanks for sharing these.

  10. This would take me to fart town. Lmao! Id rather open up a can of tuna or sardines better protein absorption anyway and none of the smelly and painful side effects.

  11. Please make slow cooker meals !!!!!!

  12. I love these kinds of salads, I particularly add olives in my salads beside all these things.

  13. Please make a smoothie bowl video

  14. If I understood correctly edamame used raw? Or these are pre-cooked?

  15. These look delicious! The first one with the mango and avocado is calling my name and I have all the ingredients, guess I know what's for lunch tomorrow!

  16. We have dental problems in my house so I wonder if you have any steamed veggie salad recipes?

  17. Please shout out my friend Hunter Eats on YouTube! Amazing video love

  18. That mango and black bean salad is so delicious I tried it for a side dish along my moms grilled chicken and my mom and dad and siblings all loved it! I'm only 12 and I live that I can help my mom with dinner with your videos!

  19. the second one would be good with fresh mozzarella

  20. I'm a vegan and really tired of eating the same salad but your salad recipes is something new and I would make it for my everyday lunch from now on! I already buy all of the ingredients so excited to try it out YUM YUM

  21. Alexandra Utschig

    Any suggestions for a substitute for the edamame? (I can't eat soy, gives me migraines.)

  22. KayLeigh Carnes

    I’m allergic to avocado so I’d have to leave it out. Would this change the dish a lot? Should I substitute it with something else?

  23. MORE NO COOK RECIPES!! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. All the beans and jalapeno are not great for nursing mothers.

  25. These look so good!! I’m not a big meat eater, so these are perfect! Thank you!!

  26. Hello. I don't want to cook using heat during the hot summer months, so these recipes are all great menu for lunches or even as a side dish in dinner!
    They all look very colorful and refreshing to eat but I would like to try the edamame one the best. I have all the ingredients for the dressing available in may home, and I just love the firm texture and fresh green vegetable-ish flavor that edamame has that other types of bean and legumes don't!

  27. I am going to try the first and last salads. Looks great. But, I have a question; is there a substitute for the soybeans?

  28. Ooh, all three of these are definitely going on next week’s dinner menu!

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