3 Must Try Vegan Food in Malaysia (Merdeka 2018)

Here are 3 Must Try Vegan Food in Malaysia to celebrate Merdeka 2018! These dishes are not only vegan friendly but also for all you noodle lovers cause …


  1. I wish I had a girlfriend enjoys food.

  2. The food looks delicious especially the curry mee. Do u happened to know any vegan restaurant in KL that serve Seitan burger? I tried to google but no luck. Most of KL/Selangor only have veggie burger. 🙁

  3. What's so scary about the alleys leading to Blue Boy, the restaurant is just next to the Tung Shin Hospital. The place also has other veg offerings such as mixed rice, yong tau fu, popiah, etc. Thanks for introducing the other 2 places. Bindhu looks like a nice place to check out…

  4. OMG EVERYTHING LOOKS SO GOOD! And omg LOL Kenton and I wanted to go to Blue Boy Vegetarian last trip but when we got to the sketchy alley we totally backed out xD too scary hahahaha

  5. All dishes look yummy ! Too bad i'm from Perak .

  6. that curry mee tho!!!

  7. durianzavocados

    first like

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