3 LUNCH IDEAS! Healthy, Vegan & Easy!

HAY GUYS! I hope you enjoy todays 3 EASY AND HEALTHY VEGAN LUNCH IDEAS video! Let me know what you think in the comments (I’m always taking …


  1. I got the same pizza crust and it was too flimsy and kept falling apart

  2. Too many toppings on the pizza can make it soggy and fall apart, especially with toppings that release a lot of water. Try fewer toppings with that crust, find/make a thicker cauliflower crust, or use a stronger crust like a bread crust.

  3. Anna G Vazquez Colon

    Why I am watching this when I am hungry btw you are an awesome YouTuber

  4. like can you be my personal cook i love these videos

  5. I love in the last recipe how the music was all slow and sad since it was a regretful recipe lol

  6. So awesome that you've been posting vegan recipes! Plant-based is the way to go. 🙂 I'd recommend watching this video for some insight about oils, it may be stuff you aren't aware of — I know I wasn't when I first starting eating plant-based! It was super eye-opening for me, I think it will be for you as well!


  7. I need a hair tutorial for this hairstyle that you wear all the time!!! I have attempted it but can never get it to look like yours!!

  8. KaylasBeautyBoutique

    Aww, one of your recipes wasn't good…that's sad 🙁

  9. Your recipe videos are awesome you should do a cookbook!

  10. Love these recipe videos!! Just wondering if you could change your flashy headings?

  11. Yesssss please keep the vegan vids coming!!!! Loving them so much 🙂

  12. I just watched you most recent workout routine video and was wondering… Are you still using the FasciaBlaster? Do you have an update on your FasciaBlaster experience?

  13. Miss Blonde Ambition

    After this video ended I make noodles with avocado, olive oil, herbs, red pepper flakes, pepper, and avocado. Basically it made me really hungry!


  15. everything looks good!

  16. AHHH I love this cooking video!! Love youuu :))

  17. hi nikki !!! im new in this channel , and im question me , you are vegetarian or vegan ?? i like this recipes and your channel too !!!! i like how you make recipes easy !!!! kisses !!!

  18. Can u plz make school lunches plz

  19. YUMM! So DELISH!

  20. I think the way that you cut your herbs is called a chiffonade which is pronounced shiff-oh-nawed

  21. I agree fresh basil is SO GOOD! Btw, you can also add kidney/black beans to the chipotle bowl, it's really good too! Thank you so much for sharing once again vegan recipes, I can't get enough of them! Maybe a vegan dessert video can be good. =)

  22. You should do a healthy back to school lunch ideas.

  23. Love how honest you are❤

  24. I tried that pizza crust and didn't love it either sadly

  25. sparkleshinebeauty11

    I had the same experience with the cauliflower crust! The taste was not great and it totally fell apart. Ended up being more like a pizza salad that i had to eat with a fork. I'd rather use Trader Joe's pizza dough and make the pizza on there. It's vegan too, tastes great, and doesn't fall apart even with heavy toppings like potatoes and zucchini.

  26. not to be innapropriate but… "that i scissored" had me cracking up!

  27. i love the cooking videos! you look great with your hair like that btw ☺

  28. Jasmine is sticker then white rice

  29. My request for a video is your and Dan's testimonies

  30. OMG i tried that cauliflower rice and my family and i HATED it! such a disappointment! glad we arent the only people that feel this way

  31. Trader Joe's has Trader Joe's brand cauliflower crust pizza that you just put in the oven and it's SO GOOD. I've tried making my own crust before and it was so bad too:( but the premade pizza from TJ's is amazingggg. Doesn't even taste like cauliflower.

  32. I love these cooking videos!

  33. Couldn't stop thinking of Tasty Tuesday lol

  34. could you please post the recipes for these meals? with the measurements. pleaseeee! so want to try these.

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