3 Low Carb Lunch Recipes | No Cook + Vegan

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  1. Yum! I would love to integrate some more vegan recipes in my weekly meal plan and these are great inspiration.

  2. Love this!!!

  3. Gabriela Whetstone

    Wonderful recipes! Could you make some keto recipes please? TIA!!!!!

  4. Mmmm… basil.

  5. These look fantastic, thank you!

  6. Lovely ideas

  7. Rebecca Rosengaard

    If anyone is allergic to pine nuts, like I am, Almonds are perfect substitutions for it in pesto. 🙂

  8. No protein, no complex carbs. You’ll be famished by 3 if you eat these for lunch.

  9. Teresa PerezGarcia

    Please show us your Julienne peeler, and the process. Need to purchase this as I want zoodles. TIA

  10. These recipes are so amazing and I'll be making these over the summer. By the way, you had me at NO COOK. I have the Paderno spiralizer and it's kind of fun to make the curly zoodles but there are many options either to make your own zoodles or buy them pre-zoodled. Fantastic recipes, advice, and video's. : )

  11. For the pesto is there an alternative to the nuts? Love the look of the recipes!

  12. Shauna Carpenter

    I bet that first one would be good with tempeh as well, yum!

  13. Allergic to soy. Any miso paste substitutes for the pesto sauce?

  14. Hi! its me!!

  15. Can you do a series on allergy free no cook dishes. I am allergic to tree nuts. I have to watch my cholesterol. Although nuts are healthy I cannot eat them.

  16. Afriqque Limboz

    Glad you replied to our wishes..love your cooking

  17. They all look amazing. Thank you.

  18. Thanks perfect for the summer no coocking !! and VEGAN <3 thanks!!! <3

  19. Angelica Chakraborty

    oooh! I am always looking for fresh, simple, summer dishes. Might try the first one alongside a cucumber or egg salad sandwich. I always like cooking with the seasons.

  20. What you eat

  21. Zelaila abdulkarim

    wow nice i try it

  22. Anggi Oktaviani

    I missed the time when we can find the recipes in the description box

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