3 Low Carb Dinner Recipes | Quick + Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

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  1. i literally made that chicken mushroom sauce yesterday

  2. These are delicious recipes but Keto friendly only not for people on low calorie diet

  3. came from a 2014 video you didn't age a day!!! subscribed!

  4. Appreciate these! Thank you!!!

  5. Wow I'm exited to go to grocery now and try this…

  6. Always you should use white wine with the shrimp cream sauce ,

  7. what kind of cream do you use??

  8. Love low carb recipes thanks !!!!!

  9. I Am Thyda Cooking

    In Asian countries we don’t use so much milk

  10. I Am Thyda Cooking

    Wow! amazing western food, I really like it!

  11. Yum!!! I'm so excited to try these, especially the shrimp and chicken!

  12. Amanda Kawelolani

    Can u sub regular cream with coconut milk/cream?

  13. Thuvaraka Mahenthiran

    I will try the low carb creamy mushroom chicken with mashed cauliflower.

  14. Mary Ann Dubrovin

    How about a reversing diabetes! Help.

  15. Really lovely meals but whilst low in carbs really high in fats which really defeats the purpose for most. Would live to see something like this but fully beneficial in terms of low fat and carbs quick meals please.

  16. Sukhvinder Grewal

    Love the quick healthy recipes that you send to us.
    However, would be great when your giving oven heating if you could give the oven heat for the UK and not just for the USA From Fahrenheit to Celsius

  17. Thank you for this. I am low carb all the way, and this helps a lot.

  18. None veg :/

  19. Could you show how to clean and keep your cast iron skillet?

  20. No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Sara: “as soon as…”

  21. Finally low carb! Thank you:)

  22. dem shrimp…. oooh mama!

  23. thank you for making dinner so easy and delicious alsoo ful of nutritions ❤

  24. Please do more of vegetarian recipes!!!

  25. Thank you for adding the low carb option to the website!!! Can't wait to try these recipes 😀 (especially that philly skillet!)

  26. Literally every video you post, I try at least one of the recipes for dinner a week and it's always a WIN with my family! I look forward to your videos every time!

  27. More vegan food please!

  28. I have the same blouse.

  29. Very interesting! We decided to cut down on over eating. These recipes have been great so far!
    However what other recipes can we make that does not have butter in the ingredients?
    Even plant based butter I’m not willing to use

  30. Keep the low carb videos coming pleeease!!! I do keto and am always looking for new ideas but its always the same stuff. We need some new inspiration here in low carb land. lol <3 Jac-Keto

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