3 Light & Fresh Pasta Recipes | Quick + Easy + Healthy

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  1. I was going to skip a grocery shopping trip this week, it after watching this, I think I must go shopping on my single work day off the week.

  2. I have no idea which I want to make first, but I'm certain I'll be making all of these!! They will tie me over until your cookbook comes 😀

  3. "So I'm adding some artichoke hearts to this. If you don't love them…" YOU CAN LEAVE THE CHANNEL! Haha; sorry, but I love artichoke hearts and they are so good with pasta (or just straight out of the jar, frankly) and if you don't like them… I think you're missing out. 😉

  4. asian rice bowls please!!!:-)

  5. Can you still add the cooking water if you use gluten free pasta?

  6. These a dishes are amazing! Warning! Don't watch on an empty stomach, because I am now starving!

  7. I'm trying all three, they look amazing but simple

  8. Always so happy when I see you have posted a new video! Also a big thanks for your vegetarian options!!

  9. All these look very good and simple.

  10. My mam is gone love you're second dish.she loves veggues.

  11. I think the third is my favorite but like all the other two as well. Can't wait to get your cookbook. Only a few weeks away. I am so happy for you.

  12. How about healthy food that doesn't contain pasta

  13. Yes we love tortelinn; ))))

  14. Haha, loved the "pasta test in your house" that was a good one x

  15. Melinda Diecidue

    I can't wait to make these meals! I want to make it for Easter Dinner but can't decide which one!!!

  16. I wanna buy your book lovely Sara. I am failed to find your book on Amazon, and Alibaba in Pakistan. Respect and Love from Pakistan for most pretty chef in the world Lovely Sara.

  17. So lovely Sara, thanks a lot for sharing yummy recipes. Well Done. Like your so pretty face

  18. Yummmmmm

  19. What if we want to use shrimp on the last recipe still use salt and pepper? I’m curious

  20. Yum to all 3 of these! So excited it's asparagus season (we pick it wild around my house)

  21. Is it possible to get your book from somewhere else as amazon is not available in our country.

  22. Awesome

  23. All three of these look so delicious!  Going to try them all.  Thank you for sharing this with us.

  24. Novice here. Why do use the pasta water as your liquid in this. Is it just easier or is there a fundamental reason?

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