3 Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Ideas! IN MY NEW KITCHEN!!!

HAYYYY FROM MY NEW KITCHEN! I hope you guys like todays video showing you 3 healthy dinner ideas! For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, go to: …


  1. Everything looks yummy and I cld totally veganize everything pretty easily.XO Davita

  2. All of this looks so good! Have you ever tried using myokos kitchen dairy free mozzarella? If not you should give it a try it's so similar and melts and browns perfectly. Glad to see you and dan enjoying Nashville so much, can't wait to see all the ideas to come!!

  3. That last dish looked incredible

  4. Obsessed with your outfit!!

  5. Chachahinez Chachahinez

    Sorry but it is not a couscous it is berkoukes

  6. circle cubes…. seriously?

  7. "ino" and "one" are suffixes that you add to the word "tortello" to indicate if it's small (tortellino -> plural tortellini) or big (tortellone -> tortelloni).
    I am not going to add anything else about the recipes because I wouldn't be so nice ahahahah. Just joking! But that…mozzarella (?) looked terrible, just see how hard it is… 🙁

  8. Anyone else love watching these videos, but never cooks the recipes?

  9. Please do a hair tutorial ❤️

  10. Que legal

  11. Italian lesson: 'Tortello' is the name of that pasta. (plural: Tortelli). Tortell-ini when the size are smaller (probably the most common size, outside Italy!) and Tortell-oni when they are bigger! 😀 Bye

  12. Did you follow the recipes exactly? Or did you throw in some stuff you already had?

  13. I took advantage of the code the last time you posted a Hello Fresh video and have been making Hello Fresh meals 3X a week ever since. It has made my life much easier since I'm undergoing treatment for Lyme disease and trying to still be a wife/mom:)

  14. How fun! I love cooking! Also your top is super cute!

  15. Nikkie u made me super hungryyyyyy

  16. Your new house is beautiful! Congrats((: Also loved the video, as always!

  17. when you said hello fresh, i thought you said hella fresh

  18. I love that first meal! And your kitchen. LOL. I feel like it was designed perfectly to film videos in. XD

  19. I saw that shirt on urban a few weeks ago and I thought there was no way to wear it without being too provocative so I didn’t buy it but it looks sooo cute on you!! Ordered!!!!

  20. Does she know Parmesan cheese is not vegetarian???


  22. Your hair looks so cute like this! Damn, wish I could get my curls to cooperate 😛

  23. BellaBeautyby Nicole

    I love your new kitchen!

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