3 Healthy Vegetable Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. kindly share some new porridge weight loss recipes for breakfast

  2. 1. Why have you added eggs and meat if this is vegetable dishes..? 2. There so much of wastage of vegetables and nutrients in your cooking methods 3. Too much of chopping shredding squishing and grinding. It’s time consuming. Complete wastage of time watching this video

  3. Poonam smart kitchen

    Your recipe are always amazing…

  4. Thanks you

  5. Very yummy. Love Ur channel

  6. Amazing

  7. Loving the music!

  8. Alignment Six Trading

    Why not use seaweed instead of that long drawn out kale roll?

  9. Just a question – is there a reason for not using the broccoli stalks in the last recipe? Since it is all getting processed, I wouldn't think it would matter. However, for all I know, perhaps it changes the texture too much?

  10. It looks fantastic…healthy and surely delicious…I' m looking forward to prepare the food and taste it…

  11. Why does the last recipe contain so much cholesterol?

  12. Can you upload vegan receipe please. ?

  13. looks delicious. I'll try tomorrow.

  14. love your recipes. sometimes I think your videos are a bit too long. you could easily skip showing us the whole cutting process and just put the chopped ingredients in the pan

  15. A Random Fan Of Random Things

    Can the vegetable sushi roll be kept in a fridge or freezer or do they have to be eaten immediately?

  16. the food looks amazing but the title says "vegetable recipies" but the food is not please correct this.

  17. Brand of knives?

  18. cool ideas, thanks for sharing.

  19. I just love watching every new recipe of yours,you're never out of thoughts and creativity, keep it up dear.

  20. I WANT RECIPES with gram not oz pleas

  21. Since when Turkey ist a veagetable???

  22. Thanks so much! keep going

  23. Are there 300 calories in this whole pizza? Or 300 a peice?

  24. Merci beaucoup

  25. They look tasty

  26. Can I know the name of the songs at the background?

  27. thank you you're the best

  28. Delicious

  29. Yaaaaaaam
    I love this recipes

  30. What's the first song called

  31. u are amazing

  32. 5:56 how is that going to be 90 calories if only one egg has about 80 calories?

  33. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  34. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  35. Can you tell me the music?

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