3 Healthy Summer Breakfast Ideas | Quick, Easy, & Convenient

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  1. my-financial-wealth blog

    Amazing video but what's wrong with your foundation color(looks yellow)?

  2. High protein meal w low fat ideas?! I keep trying to find high protein meals but they all include a ton of fat and carbs 🙁

  3. Yeah…

  4. Victoria Henderson

    You’re so inspiring! I’m a mom of two under two and my body has been THROUGH IT the past couple of years! But it’s time to work on getting it back ♥️

  5. Is the prop 65 warning concerning at all on those mushroom drinks? Confused if it’s suppose to be organic and healthy benefits but then it has then warning?

  6. Matthew Brunette

    Honestly, I'm lazy as heck in the morning so this is very helpful for whenI want something quick and easy to make after my workout.

  7. Auxilia D' Souza

    I live for your videos

  8. I ate a meal inspired by you and had eggs with steamed broccoli and sweet potato w pb and cinnamon, oh my gosh so good! Super filling too!

  9. Hey so I recently got into fitness and it's been so fucking hard for me to get my stomach toned…like it's embarrassing to not see results when I've been very committed to this , any tips? I want to lean out not bull. So I'm trying to bring everything in , nice and toned.
    Please make a video on great stomach work outs as well as making thighs smaller not bulk

  10. Smoothies are my fav, I definitely need to try those smoothie cubes! 

    Also, have you done anything with your eyebrows here? They're so full and perfect (I know you've mentioned you have eyelash extensions, so not sure if you micro blade or anything like that???)

  11. Cassandra Scotto

    "my channel is heavily food focused" lol my whole life is heavily food focused HAHAHA

  12. Mehhhh. We've seen this stuff before.

  13. madison mcclure

    Love all of your recipes… simple, fast, easy, nutritious and delicious!!❤️

  14. Aiwerioba Osarumwense

    Please sweetheart please do a video on abs workout at home especially the lower ab please.loved the video wish happiness and joy for u

  15. So since u luv chocolate so much do feel the same about chocolate men?

  16. Where is your necklace from? It’s so cute!

  17. First chia pudding I’ve had was coconut milk, chia seeds, blueberries, fresh pineapple and coconut shreds. Soooo good.
    Now I do a Filipino twist, chia seeds, blueberries, coconut milk, jarred jack fruit and the syrup. Soooo good

  18. So adorable! Love the avocado toast idea!

  19. Hii I have a question about the merch crewnecks! I'm not able to choose a color for the full-length ones. It just lets you choose it in tan I think. Is there a way to change this? I really want one! ❤️

  20. Could you do another video like this but for dinner!

  21. Julia Bacarella

    can you do healthy meal ideas for dinner? I've been struggling to not eat the same thing for lunch any dinner every night so this would be so helpful!!

  22. Himari Imaya Gunasinghe

    i paused this to make chia pudding parfait for breakfast and came back. my breakfast is solid tomorrow and won't be some random snack 🙂

  23. Just made my order with four sigmatic!!! Thanks so much for the discount girl ❤️❤️

  24. loved the ideas, but the lighting could be better

  25. Just in time! I’ve been eating the same breakfast for almost a year and finally got sick of it last week

  26. Love the breakfast ideas!

    Also, you have a beautiful voice. Although you sometimes talk like “american style” and make your voice like throaty and robotic when you speak softer. I don’t know if Americans pay attention to that..
    Your natural voice is very calming and nice

    But still, thanks for the great advice on meals (: schaslyvo!

  27. You literally amaze me with every video you post, your so positive and inspiring. I love you so much keep doing what ur doing love, bc u look great and ur helping so many people in the world with their body ❤️

  28. Your skin looks flawless!!!!!

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