3 Healthy Oatmeal Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Cinnamon power …a little bit.. substitutes for honey..natural sweet n aids wt loss.Avacado one is lovely.

  2. Grace Lopez 92955Grace

    Delicious oatmeal’s thanks is healthy this breakfast

  3. Emamye Wollo Amhara

    I like the way you cook but you R so quick(fast) i couldn't safe the ingradients.

  4. how long do you cook the oats for?

  5. Dam is there anything you can eat today that’s not bad for you? OMFG!

  6. to much calories by the way

  7. Since when are walnuts good for weightloss they have 600 kcal on 100g

  8. Many people afraid for the avocado. Give it a chance

  9. my fat ass think its a lasagna

  10. Nice recipies, going to try them all!

  11. Save your self some calories and just use water

  12. Lheanne Faith Navarro

    Me:*eats it with milk,just milk lol*

  13. I eat oat every morning and i lose 4kg/week

  14. Ewwwwwww the avocado one was nasty. Come now!

  15. TheMitochondrialEve

    I would literally throw up eating that last one with the avo! Gross! The first two are great though!

  16. Guys, just Cook it in water. 1 cup oatmeal and you will actually feel full. Add some fruit on top

  17. Can we use regular cow milk

  18. Thank u so much I lost 10 kg love from Pakistan

  19. Can I store these overnight?

  20. Here’s my recipe:

    1/2 cup oats
    1/4 cup almond milk
    2 tablespoons peanut butter
    1 tablespoon chocolate chips (optional)

    1. Mix oats and almond milk in a bowl.
    2. Stir in peanut butter and add chocolate chips if desired
    3. Microwave for 45-60 seconds (my 700 watt microwave takes 60)
    4. Enjoy

    Let me know how it goes, I’ve never tested this outside of my family, and I’d like to get some outside opinions.

  21. Lol so stupid eating sugar is healthy to you ??

  22. The fuck. So much sugar and processed additives.

  23. The avocado one is actually really good. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. Not healthy it got all that sugar

  25. Is oats r tasty?

  26. If you want something thats actually healthy. Put a scoop of protein in your oats without fruit or honey and all those unnecessary sugars.

  27. Im confused on how this is healthy when the carbs and sugar you posted are the same as the processed oatmeal. Im looking for something actually healthy.

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