3 Game-Day Snack Recipes

Kick your big game party up a notch with Football Deviled Eggs, Guilt-Free Nachos and Low-Carb Pizza Bites. Get the deviled eggs recipe: …


  1. Good video footage! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we like to notice this type of content. We make Travel & Food movies too, around the world, and so we are constantly seeking out inspirations as well as techniques. Thank You.

  2. Good ideals thank you

  3. where my cuz cam vid? u wanna show food but not share the life of my lil homie cam.

  4. zzcaptain (Mast IV)

    those look too high in carbs, can you give us the macros–>proteins, carb.s, & sat. fats count? Probably does not keep a 2-1 ratio.

  5. Great healthy party snacks. Big Tx hugs from South Tx.

  6. Tongi TheEntrepeneur

    I love these!! Keto friendly and I just started my weightloss journey. I weigh 546 pounds and started my channel to get some motivation

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