3 EASY VEGAN BREAKFAST IDEAS ( w/ rawincollege! )

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  1. Can smoothie bowls be made without bananas? I don't like them. Will it have the same consistency without them?

  2. what's an alternative for dates in the cereal recipe

  3. Nice! I just made my very first smoothie bowl with banana, blackberries and 3 dates for "decoration" 🙂 very yummy and filling! Thank you xx

  4. do I have to use frozen blueberries or can I use fresh ones? If i use fresh blueberries, will my smoothie solidify and turn into like a jello?

  5. For the overnight oats, could I use regular peanut butter instead of powdered and would it have the same effect?

  6. Yummy Yummy . Great ideas ❤

  7. I love your videos! Think I am going to try out the cereal tonight – it looks yummy :-)

  8. freedomflowersandthemoon

    I just tried the 2nd recipe, the sort of cereal, an OMG! It's perfect and it smelled perfect and I absolutely loved it! I'm a breakfast junkie so this is just too good to be true! Haha ;)

  9. Great video! What foodprocessor do u use? X

  10. Eclectic and Vegan

    So excited to try the cereal!

  11. that homemade cereal looks amazing!!!!

  12. Woah how did the bananas stick on your mason jar?? Lol

  13. Caroline Nicole Digilio

    You should make a video on how you make your kombucha!!

  14. everthing looks so good!! one question: did you use instant oats or rolled oats?

  15. I'll make the oat banana tonight!!!

  16. Is there any ingredient that I can use instead of dates? ☺

  17. Amazing! Loved the first one! Is im going to taste the lemon? Doset gonna make a diffrence

  18. Talia Egge (ToBeAngelic)

    That homemade cereal looked amazing!!

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