3 Easy One Pot Indian Dinner Recipes| Indian Veg Dinner Recipes|3 Indian Dinner For Weight Loss

Hello lovelies, Today’s video is: 3 Easy One Pot Indian Dinner Recipes| Indian Veg Dinner Recipes|3 Indian Dinner Recipes For The Week If you like this ‘3 Easy …


  1. Paushali Ghosh

    Hey Saloni I tried the dal dhokli today, made it with oats dumplings. It turned out amazing and super yum.

  2. This is amazing cooking ,All three dishes re so nutritious and visually appealing ,a big hug and thanks to your mum .

  3. SpicesNFlavors

    Thats a really well put video.. loved the details in the video <3

  4. Home made sprouted what????

  5. Radhika Baliga

    Hai saloni, I tried your sprouted moong rice recipe, me and my Husband loved it. Thank you☺️

  6. What is flavor n use of javitri spice?

  7. Ah Dal dhokali, my absolute favorite, I also squeeze a bit of lemon juice, love the sweet and tangy combo. Saloni which brand and variety of brown rice do you use? Thank you once again for perfect healthy one pot easy recipes 🙂

  8. Can u make video on spaghetti?

  9. Giggles by Meenakshi

    Woww gr8 do chck my channel too mam !!!

  10. indian youtuber shilpi

    wow maza aa gay

  11. Hey saloni……love your videos ❤️

  12. Love the concept!! Can't stop laughing as to how you've shifted from olive oil to ghee because of mom being around! Indian mom's can't do and won't do without ghee or butter! 😀

  13. Moumita Banerjee

    they all looks super delicious… 🙂

  14. Super Saloni….do convey a big thank you to ur mom on behalf of all your subscribers for her awesome recipes. Keep posting more of her treasures.

  15. u sound like urooj ashfaq from Queens of Comedy..

  16. Hey we need to make the matar paneer pulao at low flame??

  17. Hi, very nice video. I enjoy watching them. I would suggest doing 1 dish per video so you can talk about the dish more and at the same time you can get more videos and more views. Great work! look forward to more cooking videos!

  18. hi ur so sweet.How r u?I'm from Bangladesh.

  19. From where you got these bowls?

  20. shainaaz begum

    Hi dear……
    Yummy video…..

  21. Akanksha Shrivastava

    we call it dal-pitthi in bihar.. the last one..

  22. Prathima Nithin

    Always love your videos!!

  23. Rakshitha Achar555

    Nice recipes.

  24. Superb attractive presentation.

  25. Where did you get that bowl from?

  26. Pulao looks so delicious. I literally had water in my mouth.

  27. One of these recipes gonna b my dinner from today

  28. Thnkew Saloni for giving these healthy n yummy recipes

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