3 Easy One-Pot Dinners | Vegan, Quick and Healthy

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  1. I like how they put tinned instead of canned

  2. Just made the Peanut Thai Noodles and I can confirm that they are delicious

  3. How many do each of these serve?

  4. Nina, where did you get your dress? It's so beautiful!!

  5. Definitly cumin. Corriander ruined the dish.

  6. Thanks for the recepies, they look great. I'm in the process of making the mung dahi. Is it cumin or corriander seeds.The video shows one but the printed recepie says another. ✌

  7. Question, is the quinoa uncooked or should you cook it first and then put it in with everything?

  8. all that needs is a coconut milk base!

  9. your ebook is amazing..love it!

  10. Making the chilli this week, great ingredients & so simple!

  11. how cool are you two!

  12. you should try out cumin seeds in your dal instead of mustard!

  13. Just made the chilli, added some ginger and I am in LOVE! Thanks for always giving us such great recipes c:

  14. My girlfriend is vegan and I want to treat her to some date night home cooking. Thank you so much for these ideas! These dishes are exactly what I was looking for.

  15. Dios, acabo de descubrirlos y me enamoré de su canal, amo desde las recetas y la edición de vídeo hasta la genial música. Absolutamente este es mi mejor descubrimiento de 2018

  16. Love the short videos❤️

  17. Yuvraj Singh Rathore

    Nice video. Good background songs also. Can anyone please tell me which songs are playing in the background?

  18. VeganVintageGeek

    Ever since I bought a rice cooker I've been using it to cook my one pot meals. And last Christmas I was given one with a veggie basket to steam veggies while I cooked rice underneath.

    And for me to live cheaper I had the gas turned off in my flat. And I use a hot plate to cook on, a small grill press, and my two rice cookers.

  19. Are there specific directions anywhere on how to cook these dishes? <3

  20. There was a mousetrap ad before this video

  21. Jillian Kayleigh

    How I love your goofiness with the pot, I was laughing so hard hahaha

  22. mmmmmm….that dahl looks UH-MAZING? I know the texture might be very different but could I use green lentils instead as I already have them?

  23. Yay! So glad you made an e-book! your're both so creative and positive, which really inspires me 🙂

  24. Can anyone tell me please how does the purchasing of their newsletter work? Thank you!

  25. More videos please!!!!! 🙂

  26. You guys should definitely visit India, you'll find lots of yummy dishes in India.

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