3 EASY DELICIOUS Vegan Meals for £1 TESCO | Vegan on Budget

Each meal is under £1! 3 super simple easy delicious vegan recipes from shopping at Tesco! Vegan on a budget Grocery List Vegan Spaghetti “Bolognaise” …


  1. Let me know if you want me to turn this into a series!! Really hope this was helpful in giving a rough idea on how much vegan meals can cost! If you are in the states £1 = $1.42 and 50p = $0.71 (as I wrote this but its always fluctuating slightly. If you guys have any tips on visiting Toronto please let me now! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Amazing! Thank you so much for this

  3. Bet these would work well in the slow cooker. I'm trying to eat less meat so will definitely give these a try 🙂

  4. hey could you do a video on vegan recipes cooking for one? I just find it hard to buy cheap and not have so much waste!

  5. I love your videos but your portions are BIGGGG

  6. What’s kind of pot it that? I noticed you had a red one to.. looks good and durable

  7. pleaseeee could you do £1 vegan meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner :)))) need some inspo

  8. Anna you are beautiful , I just couldn't take my eyes of your very redient skin . greetings from London .

  9. "whoever lives with me in the future is going to be a very, very lucky person"

    1. agreed 100%
    2. you don't happen to plan moving to Glasgow at some point? <3

  10. I'm testing out vegetarianism at the moment with the hope of going vegan eventually. These recipes look great.

  11. Wherearetheavocardos RIP 2017-2019

    Target owns Asda If that helps

  12. Not watching anything with Tesco in the title

  13. Love your videos! Which songs did you sing to? Can you share your playlist ? Lots of love from Germany, Claudia

  14. These are such genuine, practical meals! I'm not vegan but will defo try these out

  15. Qué rico, excelentes recetas para cuando uno anda más piojo que de costumbre.

  16. Thinking of going vegan but I want to be healthy and I have no idea how much fat or calories these meals have in them? Is it easy to get fat from being vegan as with not being? pardon my ignorance!

  17. Hi. Do these foods covers the daily nutrition intake? Sounds really good but I`m a bit worried to end up in a hospital because might missing out on key vitamins and minerals.

  18. Did u cook the lentils beforehand for the spag bol?

  19. Isn't there eggs in spaghetti?

  20. Very inspiring video…so much succulent food for literally peanuts!

  21. I can't make my mind up what is most delicious – you or your wonderful recipes!!!!

  22. Plz tips on cooking rice and lentils to perfection?

  23. I love this ty so much! I'm aiming to go vegan just brought a new cooker and now I'm armed with recipes! ❤️ Plz help I can't cook rice it never comes out perfect any tips?

  24. please tell me what lentils you used? from a tin or packet? how did you prepare them? really want to cook with lentils but dont know how to prep or use them in cooking help!!!! @RachelAma

  25. Bolognese babe

  26. norbert onyszkiewicz

    So excited to cook all of the recepies.thanks for video x

  27. Her recipes look nice but there needs to be a YouTube UK warning since I won't bother to take notes. After the first grocery haul realized oh that's eggplant or zucchini on and on.

  28. I've been thinking about veganism and vegetarianism for a while now, I found a blood spot in a egg and it just reminded me eggs don't taste good when you realise what the chicken went through and how much it bled while being mistreated in slaughter houses. I'm going vegetarian then i'll slowly gradually become vegan after adjusting. I recommend watching Earthlings. HOWEVER it is very graphic and I cried multiple times at the scenes.

  29. Great recipes looking forward to trying these xx

  30. i don't know why people say being a "vegan" is expensive in comparison to going to a butcher buying meat can come up to £30 _50 depending how big your family is as well

  31. Would you recommended dishes for freezing ?

  32. Spaghetti is made from egg? Soooo

  33. non of your business

    Why does everyone start their videos in the same pathetic way so boring

  34. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

  35. Atlantis Kundalini

    You look soooooo beautiful

  36. Inspired me to start cooking some vegan food!! <3

  37. oh my gosh – I am so glad i came upon your channel! I am subscribing, love the content of this video and I hope you do more. You are so beautiful and love your positive aura! An inspiration to non vegans who would like to make a transition (like me) but need it spelled out into simple delicious inexpensive meals!!! I can't wait to try that pasta sauce with lentils! so super excited!!!! I have a grand baby who I know will love this food too!!

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