3 Easy Breakfast Recipes

3 Easy Breakfast Recipes, you Tube editor,


  1. very nice

  2. enjoyed a lot

  3. rajeswari murugain


  4. khub valo laglo cake ta

  5. Mamata Manjaree Behera


  6. Ratha Balamanoharan

    if you know please tell meany one

  7. Ratha Balamanoharan

    I am going to try this menu because I dont no meaning ofthis ajwan

  8. Ratha Balamanoharan

    What is the meaning of ajwan or vaamu

  9. looks good but omg that's a lot of chilli for "breakfast"

  10. Varsha subodh sharma

    thank you so much vvvvvvvvery help ful Mem thanx

  11. no in poha? can I use capsicum carrots

  12. can I use capsicum carrots in pora ?

  13. nice

  14. Even for Poha you used too much oil. I put only one spoon and rest my ingredient same as your recipe.

  15. Too much oil in 1st recipe. Its unhealthy breakfast.

  16. Rajeshwari Mudaliar

    Simple. and nice

  17. Good

  18. n what is rava ?? its soji ?

  19. v nice recipes im frm pakistan . n i want to know what is poha ??? yahan ye dish nahi bnti .

  20. show how to make burger and chips

  21. superb dishes

  22. Nabila Abdul Aziz

    thanxx priya mam

  23. lakeisha Rajapakse

    easy but to ooo much oil not good for health

  24. Shaiata shai (dr shai)

    what is poha?

  25. nice

  26. Beauty Plus Health

    nice video please subscribe my channel

  27. soooooo yummmm breakfast

  28. superb dishes

  29. I like it

  30. Thanks priya

  31. wov is so easy

  32. CAN I use normal milk instead of butter milk in the rava poori??

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