3 EASY 10 MINUTE LUNCHES | vegetarian + gluten free | collab with Simply Quinoa

Hi guys!! I hope you love these THREE RECIPES for 10 minute lunches!! They’re perfect if you’re home and need a quick bite, or if you’re prepping some …


  1. No way to make it in 10 minutes but anyway delicious:)

  2. You should make a video about mashed potatoes. I tried making them for the first time…didn't turn out so hot. Got too hefty w/ the spices that they end up looking like some heavily spiced bowl of oatmeal.

  3. Brittany Mullins

    Love all of these ideas, Linds!

  4. lilmonster90210

    Looks delicious but again none of these recipes are actually 10 minutes. more like 30 minutes. So many Youtubers are doing this nowadays.

  5. Robyn McCarthy

    I am coming from Alyssa's channel. These recipes are great! Can't wait to try them! Thanks!!!

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