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EASY 15 Minute Meals | Dinner Made Easy | 2 Healthy Weight Loss Dinner Ideas | 2 Budget-Friendly Meals | 2 Healthy Chicken Dinners | Soup + Spaghetti Chicken Noodles | Chicken Soup | Healthy…


  1. Ur food ingredients are very tough to get. Wt to do. But ur preparations are awesome Vicky. Carry on

  2. Hi Mam semolina spaghetti where it will get

  3. just want to ask something which brand u prefer and what type of noodles ; semolina durum which is wheat and semolina pasta or there are other brands in UAE like Barilla (made with corn and rice flour and are gluten free.)….what should i go for as a hypothyroid patiently. Please reply as i am confused while buying them

  4. Vicky how much calories does this spegetti plate contain?? I am on diet and i am really getting sick of boiled eggs,vegies,oats..i love spegetties..i want to try this but kindly can you tell me the carbs this plate of spegetti contain?? Pleaseee do reply me!!

  5. Can I use olive oil instead of Avacado oil ?

  6. hiee….. I have subscribed ur channel but u don't reply to my questions ….i m on ur egg diet but can u plz suggest a substitute to the dinner oatmeal plz !!!
    Hoping that u reply soon….

  7. Mam any alternative for chicken?

  8. super mam

  9. Ap brown rice diet plan bnae plz indian jo sb k liye ho

  10. Yummy and healthy! Will try them soon!

  11. It looks really delicious and also on the dinner side too..

  12. mam i have hypo thyroid so can i eat ur super oats roti ?? plz reply

  13. Can I skip mushrooms and spinach and put cabbage instead of it. Pls reply and tel also from where these spagetties are easily available

  14. can i use brown pasta?

  15. Can I exclude chicken? I am vegan.

  16. Great Recipe! Thanks for sharing. Loved it

  17. Home made protien powder please

  18. Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath

    Hallo I saw yours water intake vlog.can v include green tea also with water

  19. can we do intensive workouts during your diets?

  20. hello dear can you please suggest a diet plan for sinusus patient. please vicky!!!

  21. Hindi me bhi upload kijiye mam is video ko…

  22. Awesome recipes I love it

  23. alternate of avacado oil?

  24. Agar Jo hum regular spaghetti use kar lain to

  25. What is samolina spaghetti I think I don't know about it plz explain it

  26. Can we take chicken soup for weight loss? Plz rep

  27. Maitrayan Ghosh Roy

    Thank you madam

  28. Hnmm tastyyyy

  29. Rajalakshmi Venkatakrishnan

    Hi Vicky. Thanks for the video. Just wanted to inform that I have lost seven kilos by following your diet plan s. Need a replacement for chicken breast as a vegetarian. Thank you

  30. Any substitute for chicken in veg

  31. Wow u rock with ur receipe.pls share high protein roti for ketos diet

  32. Can you please provide the link to buy these healthy noodles

  33. I m vegetarian…pls suggest options

  34. PLease mention the link for chicken broth….

  35. Superb meal
    Happy to know it's a health meal..
    Thanks for sharing

  36. How To Reduce Belly fast plzz reply with a Link plzz vicky

  37. Mam I'm from Pakistan
    And you didn't mention any buying link of your things from Pakistan.
    And these things not easily found in Pakistan.
    Plzzz give a buying link of things in Pakistan too.
    Plzzzz if it is possible.
    And reply must it it is not possible..

  38. Minakshi Chatterjee

    Can I store this soup??

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