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Today I’m going to show you how to make 2 easy vegan dinners with my Instant Pot! These 2 vegan Instant Pot recipes are super handy for prepping and making healthy meals at home in a flash….


  1. We just got an instant pot and have only been making rice and steamed veggies in it so far. These recipes look delicious, I can’t wait to try them! Please make more of these videos!

  2. More. More.

  3. Your Best Self UAE

    Great channel! Keep up the good vibes 🙂

  4. A new subscriber! Who's about to binge watch your videos!

  5. video starts @ 2:22

  6. Loved the video and these recipes look super good. I cant wait to try them but also Walmart really is an awful company.

  7. I have an instant pot recently became a vegan and just love your recipes. However I've been cooking a lot with my instapot following recipes on YouTube and every time I make anything my instapot switches over from pressure cook to give me a burned error. I'm using the amount of fluid that are in the recipes, but still everything shuts off with a burn error. I'm wondering if it's because I have the 8qt and these are too small of a meals to use only half a cup of water. Can someone please let me know what I'm doing wrong

  8. Is Lahmajune also a Syrian dish or just Armenian? Can you veganize for James (and a recipe us? 🙂

  9. For the Bulgogi. If you don't like it spicy, what could replace the spice? It looks so good but I'm not a fan of even mildly spicy food.

  10. That bulgogi mushroom OMG

  11. YES!!! More Instant pot recipes please.

  12. I wanted an Instant Pot for Xmas but I got a multicooker with everything an instant pot has except the pressure cooking. I’m assuming I can make these recipes but it would just take longer?

  13. nicolas berthelemy

    As usual great recipes and I can’t wait to try them!
    Can you make a link to your homemade kimchi recipe prettyyyyyyyy pleaaassssseeeeee!

  14. i know you are trying to make a living, but Walmart is not the company you want to get in bed with, if being ethical is anywhere on your radar (like most vegans)

  15. Ryan Thomas Woods

    OMG I need an instant pot in my life!

  16. not a real tan

  17. I'm assuming I can make these in a pot if I don't have the instant pot? It would have been cool to have a giveaway! I've seen these WAY cheaper on Black Friday sales on Amazon so if you can wait for a good sale do so!


    I become a vegeterian and eventually want to become a vegan but since I've started (about 2 weeks ago) a couple hours after i eat breakfast ( which is a vegeterian breakfast) i feel like my blood sugars drops and i feel like im gonna pass out and i start shaking so i eat candy or something and it helps but what should i do? Do i need more fruit in the morning? Please help im scared

  19. Real Life Clean Living

    These are excellent! Also….. CUTE braids! I love my pressure cooker! It's so easy to meal prep with it and create some delicious meals like these! Great vid like always!

  20. Walmart sucks!

  21. oooo Candace!!! I would love for you to do a video on your kimchi recipe!!

  22. it would be more "korean" if you used gochujang (hot pepper paste). that's the korean stuff 🙂

  23. I just got an Instapot for.Christmas. thanks for the recipients. I made butternut squash and also daal so far. I haven't used the pressure cooker yet. I am a little afraid.

  24. So excited to get recipes for my Instant Pot. Keep them coming! Also I want you to know I gave your new cookbook to a vegan friend who recently got engaged to a carnivore. Perfect gift, right!

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