2 Healthy Veg Lunch Recipes Indian For Weight Loss| Make Restaurant Style Healthy Lunch Bowls @ Home

Hi Guys! Today’s #FoodieFriday video is : 2 Heathy Veg Lunch Recipes Indian For Weight Loss | Make Restaurant Style Healthy Lunch Bowls @ Home If you like this ‘E2 Heathy Veg Lunch Recipes…


  1. Awesome video shoot.
    Very glad to see your video..
    Keep Going dear.
    God bless you..

  2. Love love receipes

  3. Please put up a hair care video for frizzy hair.

  4. Hi dear….
    Very very tasty video ☺☺

  5. Aishwarya Patil

    Love love love ur videos,ur ideas……keep doing more videos…

  6. the sound ofthe salt grinding 🙂 <3 loved it the video the way its edited the recipies the presentation 🙂 LOVED IT

  7. looks yummy

  8. From where did you buy these bowls?

  9. nice….r u following any dietician recipes…how did u knw those recipes

  10. Sharanya Sudhakaran

    Loved it !! Thank you ! Simple & beautiful

  11. Hey Saloni I really loved the paneer bowl recipe…it was quick and tasty.

  12. Amajala Neeraja

    Can you tell me what was the cube u reffered to ? To flavour the rice?

  13. ritushree dutta

    Yummy rice bowls…. Waiting for your chicken sheek kebab recipe..

  14. Aarthi Pragalathan

    Ur awesome

  15. Ankita Abhishek

    Saloni it’s a wonderful idea to make everyday cooking more healthy nd delicious keep posting…

  16. So yummy and healthy recipe

  17. Saloni ur videos are fantastic. ..

  18. Mam wait gain ka bhi ek video bana do

  19. Loved it! Am gonna try it. Make more such lunch bowl ideas/recipes, Saloni.

  20. Sunshine Boulevard - Sakshi

    The quality of your videos keeps getting better!! I really enjoyed this video it reminded me of Buddha bowls which I love. Also, I’m obsessed with the background music you’ve been using lately. For some reason this one reminded me of the soundtrack for Dil Chahta Hai, one of my favorite movies! Can you please mention them if possible?

  21. Loved it

  22. Hi saloni ur doing a great job.I want to know how ur camera is moving….did u hire a camera man
    Plz reply:)

  23. Very nice videos for Vegetarians like us.. super Bowl.. amazing.. definitely try this.. god bless you dear

  24. Very nice recipes…. keep up the good work

  25. Great video recording! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we like to uncover these kind of content. We make Travel & Food video too, throughout the world, and therefore we are frequently seeking inspirations and also vision. Thank You.

  26. Wunnerfull!

  27. Hai saloni very very delicious and tasty recipes super

  28. Doing great job saloni love ur channel to bits

  29. What can u add instead of spring onion any other option

  30. Dr.Aswathi Raveendran

    Great stuff Saloni..i have subscribed to your channel yesterday and till now am watching your videos only..really interesting!!

  31. Nice recipies.really loved it.can u share the link from where did u get that yellow pan

  32. Yummy food in ur tummy. Mouth watering food saloni. Apne kaunsi sauce use ki

  33. What kind of exercise u do for fitness?? Duration of ur exercise?

  34. So good.. well said

  35. Sireesha my telugu channel

    i like ur videos v much all the best for ur channel

  36. Hey Saloni, your videos are really good. Very thoughtful and clear. Would like to give you a small feedback. They videos are very lengthy . I end up fast forwarding most of the time. It would be really great if they were short and crisp.

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