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Healthy lunch ideas for weight loss, indian gluten free lunch recipes #vegan Red Amaranth Dal Curry & Jowar Roti Green Amaranth Sabzi & Jowar Roti Jowar …


  1. Hey guys! sharing 2 healthy lunch recipes which can be also had as a meal option for dinner. Since, it is summer I am serving jowar roti (shorgum roti), its gluten free and loaded with fibre. The meals are nutrient dense and can be enjoyed as a filling meal for lunch or dinner.
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  2. How it is healthy if you're using red chilly powder MAM??

  3. chechi amaranth is red cherra leaf?

  4. Wow superb mam

  5. Thank you for the dishes.

  6. Again ur recepi is mouth watering.

  7. Mam can u upload oats idly?

  8. Can v use olive oil mam

  9. Mam you're malayali? Good to know

  10. sudhavalli valli

    Pl give more lunch recipes and breakfast n dinner recipes too mam. Pl

  11. Aishwarya Balaji

    How to make jowsr roti

  12. Kanagadurga Srikanth

    Any foods or home medicine for cure utriene fibroids

  13. I will definitely try this recipe thnxx mam

  14. Haiii madam…
    I recently got to knw that refined oil is unhealthy so …plz suggest me best cooking oil for south India pepl ….

  15. Hello nisa ji….i was going through the list of ur favourite cookwares. I found out that they are very expensive and are Few of them are USA made….can u share any link for utensils which are made in india and are gud n reasonable. Thanks.

  16. Plz make video on how to gain weight for diabetes person

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