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Healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss, indian gluten free vegan breakfast recipes with moringa powder #vegan Moringa Chutney Recipe Moringa Breakfast …


  1. Hey Guys! sharing 2 healthy breakfast recipes with moringa powder. I have shared many healthy and easy recipes with moringa, moringa is nature's multivitamin and helps to manage lifestyle disease. Including moringa in your diet will help to manage many health issues. You can use organic fresh moringa if you have access to it in these recipes.
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  2. These are awesome ideas! Thanks you mam!

  3. Nisha dear, can I use fresh muringa leaf instead of muringa powder for the same recipe?

  4. Evelyn Antonyraj

    Please share more recipes with murunga leaves.

  5. Always love yr recipes

  6. Mam Iam a katta fan of you. I keep on watching your all the precipice .Thank you for motivate us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  7. Can we add fresh leaves instead of powder

  8. Love this video..
    I ve ordered A2 cow ghee n liquid jaggery from them using your coupon code..
    Thank you so much..
    Want to see more organic n healthy recipe videos..

    Is it 6inch Lodge skillet??

  9. Rama Chakkaravarthy

    Healthy and tasty recipe also more nutrition value from this recipe thanks for sharing

  10. shagufta gulnaaz

    very nice mam..your recepies are really helping me..my thyroid is normal now…i can balance my hormones thank you so much..mam peanut bitter is making bloating..can u suggest me..how to use..


    Hello mam ur amazing helping us to live healthy thank u mam

  12. Nice recipe's……. please share some remidies for dibaties and cholesterol control.

  13. Yes mam pls share more moringa recipes thnk u

  14. Wonderful

  15. Samidha shewale…
    This recipe are very easy to make n heathy too… pls share same more recipe like this with moringa powder… thank u so much for heathy recipe…

  16. sada mata the simple recipe

    Wow.. It's amazing

  17. healthbeauty lifestyle

    Plz make video on more moringa powder as well as spirulina powder

  18. Very nice mam

  19. healthbeauty lifestyle

    Plz make video on more moringa powder as well as spirulina powder

  20. Really I like… moringa, chutney and healthy smoothies for breakfast thabks ma'am.

  21. Bidisha Bandyopadhyay

    If i have access to fresh moringa leaves, i need to follow the same process except the powdered version of moringa or there is any specific way to enhance its taste as well as benefits?

  22. Hey Nisa ji,please suggest a good brand of edible coconut oil for people like me who live out of Kerala.

  23. Hi it looks very tasty defiantly I am going to try this thank you so much for sharing lots lots of respect for taking out time to make video's for weight loss and to be healthy

  24. Mam plz make video on weight loss plan for diabetic patient…nd reduce high sugar level without medicine…mam i m single parent i donot want take medicines…nd also suffering from migraine from several years

  25. Hello mam,can we mix milk and green tea together for smoothie…please rply

  26. Mam yesterday I made amaranth sabji with coconut which u shared it was very tasty

  27. Simply super.. easy to make . .thank you for such a nutricious recipe!..

  28. this recipes are different..but as usual easy….gng to try today…. superb..

  29. I just want to know mam that turmeric DIY tea summer men p sakty hn???

  30. very Healthy breakfast . Thank you.

  31. Haiii Health guru,I have very heat body, I can take muringa powder in summer it's increase the body heat

  32. Mam Ur terrific

  33. TQ mam

  34. First

  35. First view

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