15-Minute Dinner Recipes | EASY Weeknight Dinners

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  1. Your recipes look awesome as usual! I love watching your videos. It's a great channel & a lovely cook!

  2. If I preorder from the link, will it charge me now? Or when it ships?

  3. A nice tip for remove the flour excess from the fish is to dip quickly in a pot full of water…..all the excess stays at the water and not burned in the pan

  4. Carla Mullenberg

    Hi from Australia, will your cookbook be released in Australia? I just love your channel and your recipes are just amazing and I know your cookbook needs to be part of my meal planning. Hope baby is doing well. Regards Carla

  5. Chef Kristi Thyme to Cook

    These recipes look amazing and quick! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hello. I love your videos. So yummy

  7. Zelaila abdulkarim

    i love it all you cooking

  8. Jennifer Klotzer

    I have been binge watching your videos, they make me want to actually do more than apply heat to groceries! Would you consider doing a video about what types of pots/pans/utensils you think are essential and how/when to use them? I never know if I should use non-stick, cast iron, enameled cast iron…pot or skillet…ya know?

  9. Maaike van Dijk-Bokkers

    I always get the starch off the gnocchi by rinsing it well before frying. It works!

  10. Angelica Chakraborty

    I can't wait to see you continue doing Friday Night Supper Club again. I know it will be a while what with Elle and all.

  11. Love, love, LOVE all three of these recipes! So easy and simple for mid-week cooking, with flavours that I love. Will definitely be trying all of them out, and soon! Maybe I'll actually be cooking more at home during the week instead of picking up take-out…

  12. Gosh, congratulations….so happy for your cook book.

  13. All the recipes in this segment are delicious and I can't wait to make them!

  14. Congrats on your book !

  15. Please give me fish recipes as much as possible

  16. Yummazingggggg

  17. Would you send me the link to the pan in your video? The link you sent is not that pan.

  18. Will there be any foody pun fun in the book??

  19. whatever it takes

    Tomatoes, basil, onion, garlic….yes please!

  20. Never a disappointment!!

  21. On Friday Night Supper Club, make ramen! It's super delicious, but it takes forever!

  22. I love how you say "gnocchi"! You're so cute, Sarah <3 hugs from Italy!

  23. Heck ya gnocchii!!!

  24. Great, quick ideas ~ thanks S. Hope you & the little one are doing well!
    Greetings from London., UK, F

  25. You are the queen of cooking and puns!

  26. I wish fresh asparagus were more affordable in my country. Yours look so bright, I bet they taste really good.

  27. I love her cooking so obviously I’m buying the book.

  28. You look AMAZING on this cover!!!! Congrats

  29. Love the recipes and humor

  30. When will you post again on Friday night supper club?

  31. The fish and asparagus dish would make a nice Easter meal..

  32. Is there a particular band you like?

  33. How do you know what gnocchi to look for?

  34. That gnocchi looks amazing!!! Actually all of the recipes look delicious and I can't wait to give them a try! Congratulations on your book!

  35. Sarah Windmueller

    The great thing about fish and seafood recipes is that they don’t take as long to cook as say meat like chicken, beef, pork, etc.

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