13 Healthy Vegan Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. teflon! hmmmmm

  2. Am so happy that you made a whole video for my vegan friends here,keep, it up and them coming, FYI am no vegan am keto and i won't mind if you could share some recipes too.

  3. juliette Rocks

    Vegans diet is so childish

  4. All sound & look good, but i dont like raw tomatoes or avocado….

  5. ❤️

  6. Thanks a whole lot! You did an amazing job putting together wonderful recipes that are appealing to the eye and taste buds. I can't wait to make them all and enjoy their delicious taste. I liked your video and of course subscribed! Thanks again for creating such tasty and nutritious dishes with inexpensive, easy to find ingredients that most of us already have in our fridge.

  7. You're impeccable.

  8. honey isn't vegan 🙂

  9. Елена Коваль

    Красивое видео,идеально нарезаны овощи. Нет желания такое есть и готовить и не потому ,что я не веган ,а в природе не может быть все так идеально и это супер классно.

  10. Esther van den Bos

    Some of these look like the most miserable food I've ever witnessed

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