1200 Vegan Calories a Day | Vegan Weight Loss

You’ve heard me say it before, so many plant based experts will tell you by sticking to a whole food plant based diet, you’ll never have to count calories …


  1. i would love to see more of these kinds of videos xo

  2. Barbora Litvanová

    Im sorry but advise like this is super harmful. Yes it's scientific fact that you have to create caloric deficit in order to lose weight (caloric deficit doesn't mean you're only burning fat, lots of it is muscle loss too), but not by cutting the calories needed for your basal metabolic rate (which is at least 1400 calories), that will only lead to metabolic damage and lead your body into starvation mode storing more fat than before. You are supposed to create a caloric deficit by burning more aka increasing your daily activity level. If you really do want to cut don't ever go below 1500 calories a day.

  3. why hasn't anyone invented smell-a-vision yet? LOL Looked yummy

  4. Every vegan channel I watch says “intuitively eat” or “as long as it’s the right foods you can eat as much of it as you want”. I am overweight so therefore I am far from knowing how to “intuitively eat”. I have lost 50 lbs but have been at a plateau for almost a year. I started counting calories two weeks ago and I have already lost 5 lbs. I think there will come a time where I don’t have to track my calories (I will know how many calories is in what), but for now, I am tracking my calories and I won’t apologize for it. I am not starving myself at all either! Some days I have more calories than other days, depending on my hunger levels, but I never starve myself. I think I found the answer to my weight loss!!

  5. This recipe is not WFPB. It is only PB.

  6. I have to try this!

  7. Hey you are SO cute! An imp side note- the oil spray DOES have calories, the serving size for "zero" cals is spray 1/5th of a second which is negligible amt of oil but the more you spray..the more calories, just the same as regular bottle oil.

  8. you are one sexy milf

  9. If you want firmer arms, I would highly recommend not eating less, but lifting weights. When I stopped starving myself to 1000 maybe 1100 calories a day, and upped it (still healthy foods) and started strength training, my arms went from slim but shapeless to toned and firm. This took maybe… two sets of 50 minutes of weights (low weights too, nothing over 18lbs per hand and often a lot less) a week. I upped my protein a little too, I went to about 80g of it a day (I'm really petite at 5ft 1 so you might need a smidge more, there are calculators to calculate a good amount of protein to build muscle but tbh, you'll notice the changes really soon when you start lifting, I'm talking maybe 4 weeks… you'll see a change, arms are smaller than legs, they build quicker)
    Seriously, you'll never get firmer arms just being in a calorie deficit. It will get skinny, but it wont get toned, and you'll lose muscle as you deplete of both fat and muscle. Get strong! And don't be scared of lifting weights and gaining weight, not all weight gain is fat. Being hydrated makes you weigh more, being muscular makes you weigh more, but your arms wont get bigger I promise.
    It makes me so sad seeing women starving themselves to get "toned" and "lean" that happens with muscle building exercise, not starvation. 1200 calories just isn't enough for someone who is working out a heap, you may even gain weight as your body begins to store fat in panic that it is starving. Mine sure did, the minute I added more calories and weight trained the fat dropped off and muscle grew. Just some advice anyway from a previously overtrained and starving cardio junkie, try Fitness Blender on Youtube, they're really good for healthy advice.

  10. I can't believe its not butter isn't vegan tho

  11. Youre so pretty!

  12. I love this! That whole “eat as much as you want” mentality is crap and I hate that the vegan community promotes that nonsense! Thank you ♥️

  13. I love this, its like watching vegan food network. I never thought of making tofu like that.

  14. Love this !

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