#115. What’s Guadalajara Like? Vegetarian Food, Dogs, and Political Campaiging

After two failed attempts, we FINALLY got to check out a local Guadalajara Mexico vegetarian restaurant! We give you a quick tour of El Apartamento, plus talk …


  1. Tangerine Travels

    Last chance!! Do you have any burning questions you want to know about us? We'll be doing our Q&A muy pronto! 🙂

  2. M & J so what happened with the alegrías? The alegrías are nutritive type of candy a mexican traditional candy that the Aztecs use to eat, the alegrías are made with seeds of amaranto (amaranth in English, huauhtli in nahuatl language, the language of the Aztecs) honey and many times additioned with nuts, manies and raisins. Finally tangerines did you buy the alegrías? Muchos saludos desde CdMx

  3. wendy Martin del Campo Garcia

    Me gustó su video, además puedo practicar mi inglés mientras lo veo, espero que les siga gustando mi ciudad. ¡Un saludo!

  4. That restaurant looked eclectic and good. I loved the quote on the wall about being the person your pet thinks you are. We’d live in a better, gentler world if humans adhered to that. And you are right, Mexico still has a long way to go when it comes to changing culture regarding the treatment of animals. But it’s getting significantly better, especially for dogs and cats. Plus, like all things in Mexico, there are great disparities in this matter. While there are many places like San Blas with many stray and neglected potential pets, Mexico City just decreed as part of its new constitution that dogs , cats and other animals are sentient beings and will begin to use public funds to protect and insure a more humane treatment of animals—which is the first such declaration/law of its kind anywhere in the world. Laska is awesome, btw, she deserves a big hug and a treat for swooping up plastic bottles off the streets. Cheers!

  5. Mickey Breslich

    I am really sorry about my spelling, it's because I have Aphasia from All the head injur, from my horse misadventures. Lol
    I'll try to find you some links for dog packs, at a reasonable price.
    My hometown of Seattle, huskies
    are mascots of local college football. Plenty of non Amazon resources . Lol 🙂

  6. ismael quezada

    Do a reaction to latin music… Mainly reggaeton xD

  7. Alfonso Alejandro Morales Maldonado

    What if Jordan & Maddie are CIA Agents and this YT Channel is just a cover up…

  8. You are lucky politics are less invasive today than last elections, a law had to be made because they would put banners EVERYWHERE, on the electricity poles, houses, lots, cars, stoplights, and so on, it was crazy, good thing it's not that invasive anymore

  9. will you go try los tres alegres compadres at parque Morelos and calzada independencia?

  10. Enjoying another AWESOME upload from ya all, back in the late 80s the Government issued these 1 peso coins, if I remember well with Morelos or Juarez on one side and the eagle on the reverse, most of the bus drivers here, you'd pay your busfare with them, and they'd only keep the 5 peso and 10 peso coins, the 1 peso and under, some would just throw them out the bus door! Ymm…those Veggie eats looked SO GOOD and what a COOL dog Laska is, picking up plastic water bottles and then when she sees a trashcan, pauses, while Jordan gets the bottle and chucks it in the trashcan. Lassie would be proud of Laska! 😉

  11. In the US, political campaigns are funded with private money. In Mexico they are funded with public money, and there are so many useless political parties, it's ridiculous all the money that goes into them. :/

  12. Mickey Breslich

    I meant working dog, sorry my Amazon tablet likes to change my worded lol

  13. Mickey Breslich

    There are ' dog pack's ' like saddle bags for horses. You can put in her food, water or make her carry some groceries. If you teach her, that she is a ' working don't with a task to do, you might settle down somewhat. 🙂

  14. Moisés Martínez Reséndiz

    you can pronounce "Alegría" like this: AH-LAY-GREE-AH

  15. You guys are cool keep it up


    Que rica esa comida , yumi,, yumi, papirrines

  17. Do a mall shopping video on the mall 😀

  18. The only bad part of this kind of videos is when they show u the food Oml (#PrayForHunger!)

  19. Alejandro Zaragoza

    Im from Guadalajara,i recommend you to visit Barranca de Huentitan on any Sunday at 8:00am, it a very good place if you enjoy nature and a good view

  20. Uno de estos días visitaré Tapatilandia, así que sus vídeos me ayudan para saber a qué lugares ir. Gracias.

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