MY WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE & MEAL PLAN http://bit.ly/LeanAndCleanGuide RECIPE! 1 cup oats 1/2 cup cashews 5 dates (if not soft, soak 1 hr) blend these …


  1. Yes yes yes yes! I have a similar recipe on my site, cookie dough bites are the best snack!

  2. Greta Markevičiūtė

    does anybody know which food processer is she using? I'm for a hunt of a good one and dont know which one to choose!

  3. briceida espinoza

    Hanna I would love to know your body fat percentage?

  4. DUDE you're my fave youtuber…. love all of your content and its really shaping who i am and who i want to be…. learning about vegan, minimalism, recipes, whatever… THANK YOU!!! <3

  5. I need to make these but I may just change the chocolate to raisins, depends on my mood when I get to my cupboard…..

  6. Those look so good!

  7. I've used a can of chickpeas instead of cashews and it was bomb!

  8. Plants and Recreation

    These look so good!

  9. Chris Jack Online

    Cool, with chocolate should be yummy too

  10. Thanks for sharing Hannah!! I always crave cookie dough but I haven't gotten to have it since I've been vegan!! Thanks so much for sharing I can't wait to try these!

  11. That Little Soy Thing

    They look so nice :D

  12. HANNAH! I hope you read this, this is so weird, I was on facebook and saw that commercial on a weight loss "miracle" product, and they used YOUR WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS! ???

  13. Knowing this, I'd probably eat like 5 and whoops 500 cals.

  14. Sarah Loves Veggies

    Yep, I'm going to make these right now!

  15. Can I use other nuts instead of cashew? This this is really expensive here but I'm willing to make these sweet bites.

  16. These look amazing! Thanks Hannah! And, if anyone is looking for other great recipes, I highly encourage you to check out Feasting on Fruit's You Tube channel or website! She does awesome recipes, too!

  17. Are they 100 calories for 1 are all 12

  18. OMG these are amazing!

  19. Is each of them 100 calories?

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