10 VEGAN Thanksgiving Recipes – EASY & HEALTHY | NinaAndRanda

Today we show you how to make 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes! All of these recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. We are cooking vegan stuffing, …


  1. Being health conscious is great and I encourage it… BUT, it isn't necessary to completely cut out fat especially healthy oils such as peanut and coconut oils etc. A Fat free diet is worse than a diet with healthy amounts of fat. The body needs fat/oils to function properly, especially the brain. We've been brain washed to think fat is the enemy when in fact it is processed sugars! I.e. table sugar, corn syrups, fructose and such. Artificial sugars are also a terrible replacement. Just use it in moderation and choose real sugar, maple syrup and of course honey. Rant over, Happy Thanksgiving folks

  2. MMM, It all looks so good & easy to make :)

  3. They look scary in the video when they talk at the same time and awkwardly smile

  4. Ari Nina and James still together or…

  5. If u make vegan food for thanksgiving then you have cancer

  6. Just a question, in the lentil burgers you use the lentils, the pinto beans and the rice already cooked right? the lentils seemed uncooked when you threw them into the bowl just wanna be sure :p

  7. how did you steam the sweet potatos? did you submerge them in water and then drain them or just a little bit of water? and for how long and what temp?

  8. i dont get why you keep doing food videos when you only cook/eat the same veg wherever you go whatever you do, like we get it you dont eat anything but rice potatoes and corn

  9. Can't wait to try the chili!!! Great video!

  10. Jennifer Hernandez

    thank you. helps alot. this is my first thanksgiving beging Vegan

  11. Yes this is an excellent video

  12. Thanks for the recipes! This is my first vegan Thanksgiving and I will definitely use some of these! :D

  13. you guys obviously don't know much about cooking, this wasn't very advanced

  14. The girl on the right is so FAKE. Like omg, can you be more fake?

  15. Johnnyfootballclebrowns

    you girls ever wanted your belly buttons pierced?

  16. you girls never disappoint

  17. Loved these recipes!! Do you guys ever buy vegan turkey or anything like that at the grocery store?

  18. Hey vegan friends!!! I just made my own thanksgiving recipes video and would love it if you guys checked it out!!! Thanks so much!!!

  19. "Whisk it together" As she stirs it with a spoon…

  20. i love this video

  21. But… there's no chili in the chili … ?! O_O

  22. omg yum <3

  23. nice video!! yey! I'll give it a try. I'm from Portugal and here we don't have nutritional yeast .. what can I use to replace it? and what does it really taste like? we have something called "beer yeast" but I've read its not the same thing. thank you!!

  24. Banana Berry (me1jojo)

    you didn't show the ready muffins !

  25. U guys are so pretty

  26. Oh wow that all looks delicious!

  27. These seem like very delicious and easy to make recipes!

  28. Love this video, would appreciate the recipes in the description box. Or have it written down so we could've screen shotted it

  29. I can't believe they used egg replacer why
    Not flax seeds. Not Hating I love Nina and randa I watch them everyday ❤️

  30. Are you guys going to be posting a video about how the gluten free diet is going?

  31. So many good recipes to try and I'm not even vegan! Although, I was surprised to see you choose baked potatoes over mashed. Just because mashed is so much more common for Thanksgiving.

  32. What can I use instead of maple syrup and is it necessary? Also what can I use instead of the egg replacer ?

  33. can you use rice malt syrup instead of apple sauce for the muffins?

  34. My momma said that's white people dressing, lol

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