We transform plant-based ingredients into super ‘meaty’ dishes that are 100% vegan. These are our Top 10 vegan meat alternatives to wow your carnivore …


  1. i fell in love with that vegan recipes! who the hell needs meat with such delicious beautiful meals?!

  2. The first recipe, I wonder if you could take that food processed mix with the vital gluten and use an electric roaster with water in it to steam-bake those little patties instead of all that word to wrap them and steam them. I bet it would take half the time as well. Any thoughts?

  3. Those mushrooms are great but they cost a fortune! Later on I see walnuts, a handful is 6 bucks. Why are nuts so expensive because Americans rip off Americans, that's why. A package of tomatoes, 4, are $4.00. Last week at Meijer I see bell peppers on sale for $1.00 a piece from $1.30. Are you kidding me? What a rip off. How does anyone eat healthy and plant based these days.

  4. Not for SOS vegans

  5. Ohh my Lord… u r a Magician.. u create pure plant based into meaty taste with texture.
    Thts why Cooking is a rare Art for sure….

  6. Wow, all those hateful comments from trolls… pls don't feed the trolls….

    thank you for the great video.

  7. Meagan Fruit Fairy

    Do the mushrooms have that mushrooms taste lol my bf doesn’t like the flavour but they look so good !!!!

  8. Vegan for life. All animals matter #respect and watch earthlings and cowspiracy and dominion and the Game changers by vegan bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. Enjoy!!

  9. Go vegan and save the animals and the planet and save yourself from getting cancer

  10. Wow I am soooo happy I found this video! Mouth is watering. Can’t wait to try these recipes ASAP.

  11. Looking for jack fruit to make all the dishes you prepared. Video was awesome thank you.

  12. Can't wait to try these dishes. Thank you so much for posting them.

  13. That one dish seems to have used king BOLETE mushrooms (a wild mushroom) that cost a fortune in the USA – unless you can find them in your yard in good condition – which is highly unlikely. in the USA, those are NOT called oyster mushrooms! Join a FB mushroom forager club and you'll see. Or google it. Also, it is cheaper and easier just to eat Asian food and/or buy faux meats in the big East Asian grocery stores if you have access to them. If they are Chinese or Vietnamese, you'll have a better selection of 'chay'/vegan products – dry, frozen, and refrigerated. It is well worth it to stock up once a month from one of these stores. The ingredients used in this video were expensive. That vegan butter costs about $8 a container, for example.

  14. 1:15 thank you for telling me what ketchup and bbq sauce is.

  15. The problem with a lot of these is that mushrooms can actually be really expensive

  16. woooooow

  17. Ahmetcan Gökçeer

    mushrooms are the heavens on earths

  18. worcestershire sauce has anchovies in it

  19. Elizabeth Stormborn

    Guess what, there are people who are allergic to jackfruit. Dishes look yummy 🙂

  20. Elizabeth Stormborn

    Why is everything drowning in sauce?

  21. not vegan, dying to try all of these. Really wish I had the will power to be, though. Vegetarian is as far as I've come

  22. Anyone know if I can use whole wheat flour for frying?

  23. Vegan protein, and you do not need to call it meat!

  24. Vegan dishes? some are not.

  25. You can eat so much vegan fake food and finally get tired of it. White bread and deep fried stuff are keeping you wanting more real meat

  26. Dashawn Cunningham

    I don’t like to categorize myself but I eat pescatarian-like. Seeing this is very satisfying. So even though i eat seafood , these are still meals that i can add to my own cooking list.

  27. These look absolutely delicious but I wonder if all that fat and frying is healthy??? Might try to minimize all the oil and vegan butter. Has anyone tried it?

  28. Wow, seriously the best vegan food recipe I’ve seen yet. Is there a restaurant associated with these recipes?

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