10 Vegan Foods to Build Muscle ft. Jon Venus

Hey guys! Here’s a video with my good friend, Jon Venus, of 10 vegan foods to build muscle! Jon Venus channel: https://youtu.be/KqwrHoviqEA SUBSCRIBE to …


  1. loved this!

  2. John penis?

  3. Jon Venus

    Also, according to Vegan Gains study referencing Eric Helm's research: it's only necessary to eat 1.1 – 1.4 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass if you are on a cut. For example, I'm 215lbs at about 24% BF (yes I'm fat). Lean body mass is 165lbs roughly and 1.1 g of protein translates out to roughly 180 – 190 grams of protein daily.

    But again, only on a cut (for me that's like 1800 – 2100 calories).

  4. I'm vegan but I'm not going to lie.

    raw mushrooms are NASTY

    Give me any vegetable on the planet to eat raw: broccoli, kale, carrots, celery, etc, etc

    but mushrooms? Hell no

    gotta cook it

  5. I have gone Ovo-Pescetarian but really want to only have eggs and fish as 2.5% percent of my diet because I do not see anything unethical with eggs and eating certain fish and especially shit like crab, lobster, mussels and oysters how ever I do not want to contribute to mass fishing which is destroying our oceans.
    But yeah this video really helps me choose better plant based foods

  6. Hi guys, what's the white bag with the red fruits??? I can't read the name!!!

  7. Arlene Adkins-Zell

    Great video

  8. Just stumbled across your channel mate, absolutely love the content. Liked straight away, We should connect!

  9. I tried signing up for your newsletter but it does not send me an email, I have checked the spam folder too.

  10. The largest animals in land are vegetarians.

  11. Marlita Williams

    Ummm, did anybody else notice how fly the kitchen is? I'd be in there ALL THE DAMN TIME just cooking $hit for no reason LoL

  12. Should of fuked her after this

  13. Why is that avocado so freaking huge….

  14. dry the mushrooms, more quantity, and no nutrient death

  15. "How do you sprout chickpeas? What is the procedure? Never heard that you could eat them raw." I absolutely do not know anything about sprouting, please help! 🙂

  16. How do you sprout chickpeas? What is the procedure? Never heard that you could eat them raw.

  17. Mushrooms are disgusting

  18. Katherine made 32 accounts and disliked this video

  19. Matthew Steiner

    great information. basic. simple to understand. thanks for sharing it. Trying to #GoVegan!

  20. Sebastián Mosca

    Some vegan sexual tension there.

  21. What kind of mushrooms were those or do you recommend? Thanks

  22. What type of mushrooms are those?

  23. Pescetarian here……but mostly plant based these days. Actually fact I would say 90% of my food I consume is plant based. I may go Vegan one day.

  24. Love in a Tin Can

    Very helpful and insightful video!

  25. Thank you so much for this amazing channel i really learn a lot of information that can help myself and of course my family!

  26. Hans Killuminati

    Where are Peanuts? o.0

  27. Selena Le & Healthy Lifestyle

    thank you very much, this is amazing topic, and i eat the same to get musle and i get abs from nuts, green veggies,..

  28. She's caught that pipe after the video

  29. itzzzgainzzz dayofficial yeaaahhh

    The way she kept staring at jon:;;

  30. Why do they look like the simpsons

  31. Charles Chamberlain

    She's vegan so she gets bonus points 11 out of 10. Lol

  32. Body Calisthena'

    Better than Jon and Kathrine

  33. Body Calisthena'

    You are a very good couple

  34. Good video. He's not bad on the eyes either!

  35. Haley .JustHaley

    "If you are a girl you will not get bulky." UGH This is a common misconception!!! I get VERY bulky. VERY fast. My shoulders actually get wider than my hips and I get strongly defined abs. You CAN get bulky! But a balance of LISS, resistance, HIIT, and endurance training can help this.

  36. Great video and well done! Jon you are such a weapon! keep spreading the vegan message! you don't need to eat animals to build muscle and be healthy 🙂

  37. Jon Venus is awesome!

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