10 Healthy Wrap Recipes For Weight loss

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  1. Get Fit With Neha

    Yummy n best1

  2. Lisa Van Allen Allen

    I noticed you don't your cutting boards or your hands that is what's making people sick

  3. This video deserves a lot more likes

  4. you must be kidding, 17% fat wtf.

  5. what kind of oil do you use?

  6. How is saturated fat and cholesterol healthy? They aren't.

  7. Am I the only one who wasn’t interested in these

  8. Rafael Fernando Beijinho do Rosario

    You need to sharpen your knifes. Nice videos though.

  9. I would have to eat 3 or 4 to get full

  10. That's alot of sodiums on this recipe lol

  11. I’m jealous of your cutting skills. I am impatient and will cut big pieces of anything I’m cutting and start eating it as I’m cutting. As always, thank you.

  12. i want open wrap house restourant

  13. I like your wrap, pretty health mm

  14. What’s the point of a grape tomato if you’re dicing it? Just use a regular tomato

  15. Umadevi chandramohan

    Nella vegetables cut pannerega ji

  16. Umadevi chandramohan

    Ji pls tell receipe without egg and meat.

  17. Those veggies must be organic. They're too beautiful.

  18. Pls do same wrap items for vegetarians

  19. Can you like prep these wraps??

  20. A mean they're healthy and all, but I'll make 4 n eat them all in 1 go with my greedy self.

  21. I will maybe eat this

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