10 Healthy Sandwich Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. Lorena Fernandes

    Hi one question,

    Can these recipes be made in the morning and stay fresh for lunch time? Or should these be eaten immediately after preparation?

  2. Can you use sandwich spread in place of mayonnaise?

  3. hiiiiii, can you put how long you cook things for (for example, cook the quinoa for _ minutes)

  4. Great content, amazing edit, but above all incredible songs. Can you write down the names of those in the description plz?

  5. Wheat bread is NOT healthy

  6. Hey can you please make vegan recipes for weight loss ?

  7. Is sooo amazing. I couldn't even imagine that can make like that and its will be healthy , thanks a lot, i will try to make it, keep going please , i wanna see more hahahha

  8. annexsunriseshimmer

    Nice, thanx u! Really yummy sandwiches to actually eat veggies.

  9. Ilike

  10. Queen radha kumar

    Nife name please… Weight loss sandwich,s is good

  11. So Beautiful cooking tips.

  12. Simplified Meals

    Amazing recipe

  13. The first isn't vegan: mayonaise.
    But really love the recipes.

  14. the sandwiches look great but the sodium is way to high for me , you have to fix that

  15. Simply superb!!!

  16. Thank you for yummy recipe…

  17. The calories aren't accurate

  18. Fvck My Pvssy 101 lol

    Yummy ❤️❤️

  19. You are a saviour

  20. Cucumber without the peel? Huh?

  21. Always a great videos with amazing video contents ❤

  22. Is no one going to question the two T H I C C slices of onion ?!

  23. Love those recipes but I’m trying not to have too much bread so what else could you use


    Look so yummy I will right them down and try
    Subscribe to my YouTube channel please

  25. You are doing an amazing job. As someone who is going through weight loss but also appreciates variety of good healthy food, I have to say this is one of my favourite channels. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to try some of your recipes. Also, how do you get these recipes ?

  26. hii, can u please make pizzas for weight loss??? very want to see that !

  27. 하 건강하고 맛있겠다..ㅠㅠ

  28. Love the way you cut the veggies

  29. 1st comment love your every videos

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