10 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Weight Loss

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  1. Which one brand olive oil your using?? Please tell me i m confused about olive oil

  2. Dinner recipe bhi btaye na jo weight loss kre

  3. explorer switzerland

    Red onions are better than white onions right?

  4. Roseli Arriagada

    Thanks From Brazil.

  5. Did that first bland salad say 690 mg of sodium? I cant say thats healthy lol

  6. Hong yen Nguyen

    Wow, good food

  7. The first one is so bad for you. 43 carbs that’s 2 full days worth of food

  8. what frying pan brand your usingm?

  9. sub chez pehly su cutting kr k rahka kru na

  10. I would make this but i don't have veggies. My mom saids that "veggies are to much money"

  11. Sorry

  12. Amazing as always! I will definitely try those!
    BTW could you make a FAT LOSS video? (Also does anyone know is u can permanently lose fat after 19-23?)

    Edit: People be liking my comment (probably for the suggestion I made) but no human being be replying to my question :'/

  13. What is cook quinoa in urdu or english in local laungage

  14. I wish that it will possible for me to cook this as easy as shown in video


    The music is irritating

  16. Buy a trigger handled spray bottle that can handle evoo. Much easier to distribute oil than pouring from a spoon.

  17. Ustedes tienen los primeros lugares , son increíbles que buenísimas recetas, gracias gracias por compartir

  18. thank you great recipes 🙂

  19. You’re going to cut your thumb

  20. خلود العطار

    I Like the video thank you very much.

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