1 Week of Vegan Lunches!

I filmed another full week of lunches for you guys! 1 Week of Vegan Lunches Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPHOvg1V2CE 1 Week of Vegan …


  1. TheIronPicaxe 07


  2. Sevastijan Kostadinovski

    Good ideas but i dont understand how can people eat that little when i eat potato i usually bake like 5 and 2 big onions plus bread,i eat like monstrum

  3. awesome! just that you forgot to write down on the list by days about Tuesday pasta lunch! it would be awesome to have the recipe 🙂 xx

  4. Your accent is very weird and bizarre

  5. GtaGangLil Bihhh

    how did you get the pasta creamy?

  6. Pasta receipe

  7. Holy fuck your hands are tiny

  8. What alternative if i cant use peanut at all in my house kid with peanut allergy

  9. Omg I cant wait for your e book

  10. I’m inspired to be healthy

  11. Gianna Latarski

    your voice reminds me of hiimmimi idk hahah

  12. Alana Robertson

    I know I may have already commented this on your videos before but your videos are always so calming!
    Your recipes are always so good too.

  13. Icecream as a luch? You kidding, right? If I had that for lunch I would die at work in the afternoon…

  14. So sweet the way you say ‚thank you‘ at the end ☺️

  15. Elizabeth Seiden

    That raspberry ice cream looks great!

  16. I love a speedy intro 🙂 thanks for the suggestions!

  17. Are u vegan or do you just want to try it?

  18. preston badplay

    just a tip! you really shouldn’t cut your avocados with a sharp knife! you should be able to cut it easily with a butter knife. if you can’t, then the avocado isn’t good! be careful. people injure themselves a lot cutting avocados because they aren’t aware that you should really be cutting it with a butter knife

  19. your videos are just so relaxing and satisfying, while giving ideas for the most delicious meals!! <3

  20. What kind of sorcery is this? Disliked and unsubbed lol. Waste my time girl.

  21. you had me at chickpeas!

  22. man your so creative, love from seattle ❤️

  23. man that spinach and penne pasta looks so good. That's the one recipe i would rather see than the rice noodles

  24. Could you please do a "What i eat in a week" video at next? ♡

  25. Very nice video, Mina. I have to say one of my best food discoveries of late is the oven roasted sweet potato. And I don't worry too much (actually not at all) about my cooking sheet. It's so black and burnt from years of use, that it doesn't matter.

  26. Never deep clean baking trays. Make sure that you have solids scraped off gently ish and take a paper towel to wipe it down but not remove every molecule of the oil. If anyone out there doesn't like to use any appreciable amount of oil then at least spray the tray and the food until you have achieved the remainder of this. It is well worth it and your pans will last you a lifetime! Treat them as if they are a cast iron pan and you will have a lovely dark black non-stick baking tray! I have three seasoned baking trays that nothing will ever stick to again and I don't know what I would do without them! I can put anything on them now with no oil or no spray and the food removes easily from the pan. 🙂

  27. Evolution of Masha

    That Raspberry Nicecream looked sooo beautiful! Also….is that your woofer!! Please so him/her more. SO CUTE!!

  28. pray to the DE v il

    OMG this is good for people who are transitioning thank you so much

  29. When will your e-book be available !

  30. Yum! Keen on your ideas for packed lunch ideas for work 🙂

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