1 Week of Vegan Food

I went to Australia for a bit and ate a lot of good vegan food. Epic burgers, smoothie bowls and oatmeal. Lots of oatmeal. This video features many amazing …


  1. Where are the black sandals from?(: they’re so cute

  2. This is so much good food

  3. Nice video!
    Correct is "asaeeh" – stress on "ee" indeed 😉

  4. In Brazil we call "Acai' ássái or something like this

  5. Wenn ich mich nicht irre ist der „frischkäse“ gerade bei Lidl !

  6. you call Woolworth 'Woolies'.. you're a real Aussie!!

  7. This made me want to become vegan (is that even English?)

  8. You did very well!!! Especially since you didn't have the ammenities most people would have. That burger looks so amazing!!! NEW YOUTUBER HERE. LET'S SUPPORT EACH OTHER.

  9. Versuch mal den simplyV Frisch"käse". Ich finde den super!

  10. wie hast du gelernt so gut englisch (ohne deutschen aktzent glaube ich sogar) zu sprechen? your voice is like really relaxing i-

  11. Glad you loved Aus! I love how much vegan food we have

  12. It's funny how you went to vegan restaurants while the only vegan option I have here is water (at least I think it's vegan) lol

  13. You’re so gorgeous xx

  14. I just got the exact same Chai Latte Powder at Lidl a few days ago! You bought it in Australia I guess?

  15. Guck mal in Lidl, die haben auch zurzeit vegane "Frischkäse". Ich hab mal probiert und war lecker für mich 😉

  16. Face revealed

  17. der beste vegane frischkäse in de, den ich jemals probiert habe ist von soyande falls du einen guten suchst 🙂

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