बिना तेल के 5 मिनट में बनाएं हेल्दी नाश्ता/Easy and quick breakfast recipes india- healthy breakfast

बिना तेल के 5 मिनट में बनाएं हेल्दी नाश्ता / Easy and quick breakfast recipes india – healthy breakfast ideas indian 2018…


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  2. Mujhe aapka funda samjh nhi aata aapne heading likhi without oil bt its is with oil.madam apne title thoda sahi krna shiko.ok.

  3. Beenaben Thacker

    hed me ky laga hay

  4. Beenaben Thacker

    nice handvo

  5. May your hands recover fast Thanks get well fast

  6. Apko chot kase lagi

  7. Priyanka Sailani

    Gujraati handvo

  8. Gobar bnati hai hur baar

  9. plz make some good thing whc is really good. we don't like ur cooking

  10. behot acha

  11. Nice dii

  12. Acchi hai recipe but aap aapna khyal rKho

  13. Something new. Simple also. Nice

  14. hello neha g.. Aapo Kaise chot. lgi … please dhyan rkhiye apna….

  15. Aapke hath ko Kya laga hai mam? Aise me bhi apne rcp dali wo bhi testy grait mam from Gayatri Prajapati

  16. worst recipe

  17. Mam ager milk powder m moisture a jay tho kya kare uska use kare ya ni please say mam

  18. Pagal

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